Student Resources

Some useful resources for students interested in robotics and controls.

Related Courses

A partial list of graduate courses offered at UNC Charlotte related to robotics and control systems:

  • ECGR 4111/5411: Control Systems Theory I
  • ECGR 4115/5090: Convex Optimization and AI Applications
  • ECGR 4090/5090: AI for Robotics and Automation
  • ECGR 6111/8111: Linear Systems Theory
  • ECGR 6090/8090: Foundations of Reinforcement Learning and Optimal Control
  • MEGR 4237/5237: Introduction to Control Systems
  • MEGR 7090/8090: Dynamic System Learning and Estimation
  • MEGR 7090/8090: Mechatronics
  • MEGR 7090/8090: Nonlinear Control
  • MEGR 7090/8090: Mathematical Concepts for Dynamics and Control
  • ITCS 6151/8151: Intelligent Robotics
  • ITCS 6152/8152: Robot Motion Planning
Research Opportunities

Research opportunities for undergrads, MS, PhD, and Post-docs will be displayed here. If you are interested in other research topics than the ones posted here, you are encouraged to reach out to the faculty to inquire about positions.

UNC Charlotte’s Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) also provides undergraduate students with summer and academic year research opportunities with faculty.