Current Events

April 14, 2023
Non-standard Path/Motion Planning Problems at the Intersection of Path and Motion Planning, Information Theory, and Control
Dr. Michael Otte, University of Maryland College Park

April 14, 2023
Large Scale Multi Agent Path Finding
Dr. Jiaoyang Li, Carnegie Mellon University

March 24, 2023
From Pixels to Robots: Recipes for Vision-Enabled Robot Learning
Dr. Srijan Das, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

March 10, 2023
Performance-Oriented Model Learning and Auto-Tuning of Arbitrary Controllers via Bayesian Optimization
Dr. Ali Mesbah, University of California at Berkeley

February 24, 2023
Routing Problems in Robotics
Dr. Saurav Agarwal, University of Pennsylvania

February 10, 2023
Safe Learning and Control: An 1 Adaptive Control Approach
Dr. Sheng Cheng, University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign

January 27, 2023
Control Synthesis based on Temporal Logic Trees with  Application to Shared Autonomy
Dr. Yulong Gao, University of Oxford